Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fred, PoD: Swurm and Block

Two more characters from Fred, Prince of Darkness: Swurm, Hell's own Jeeves, the long-suffering butler and executive assistant of the Prince of Darkness; and Mr. Block, the Cheney-esque CEO of Com Global, who won Hell from Satan in that fateful poker game.
Hates his job
.Hates your job

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Katie said...

I love Swurm. He has that perfect "I'm smarter than my master" look that any long-suffering butler should have. And yet a slight obsequious manner as well.

Block has quite the corporate-evil look going on. But would it be possible for the artist (forgot his name :( ) to draw him with glasses? I know he's not supposed to *be* Dick Cheney, but now the only thing I can picture him as is that damned bell-ringing monk.