Sunday, December 13, 2009


Follow the adventures of my parents -- the man who taught me my sense of humor, and the woman who taught me when it was appropriate to use my sense of humor -- as they start a new life teaching at an international school in Istanbul. The blog is Istanbullets.

Remarkably, they are not German

Enjoy the kebabs, you crazy kids.


John said...

Can't really tell in the picture... as it is small... but it looks to me like your Dad has the Vancil nose!

I continue to lurk and enjoy your posts... unfortunately we lost my Dad in September... cancer. Incidious beast that it is...

Looks (and reads) like your Dad is having fun!

Take Care!

John Vancil

Oetz said...

I recognize Nancy, who is that gray haired guy next to her with the confused expression on his face? Love the Istanbullets.