Friday, February 12, 2010

JourneyQuest Scout Pics

Hey, so remember that promise I made a couple of months ago? Better late than never.

So these are a bunch of pics taken on the JourneyQuest location scout back in November. Many of these locations will wind up in the first season, some in the second, and some not at all.

At the edge of the forest

Rolling coastal plains

The ghost coast of Oregon

Slipping between boulders

This would make a great profile pic, but I prefer the one of my feet

Young trees clawing their way out of the stump of another

Jen by another nurse stump

The dungeon's entrance

Staircase into the (near) darkness

Abandon traction all ye who enter here.

Jeremy Spray: Dungeon-Crawlin' Badass

A lovely, if chilly, place to picnic

Jeremy in a spooky coastal forest

Announcing I have to pee

A ruined church in a ruined outpost

An old, overgrown foundation, too cool not to use

A light, refreshing shower

Our final shot of the season?

Right back atcha, nature.