Monday, June 21, 2010


I really like the new job. In fact, I daresay I love it. I'm working in the warehouse at Paizo Publishing, a game publishing company that creates and sells products to the adventure gaming community -- the very community that buys my films. Yes, I am literally stocking my own movies.

I quite like owning a home. Strange how quickly it fills up. This last weekend, we emptied our storage locker, into which we had shoehorned half an apartment's worth of miscellany when we pulled up stakes for California five years ago. On Sunday we picked up a number of inherited heirlooms -- mostly dishes, things to put the dishes in, and things off of which to eat off of said dishes -- from Camille's father while we still had the truck. And in a month, my grandmother's giving us at least three pieces of furniture. Five if you count ottomans.

I'm very tired. It's a good tired. The routine of the days are rise, drive, work, drive, sleep. We eat somewhere in there. I also fail to write pretty much every day. And for the first time in as long as I can remember, I'm okay with that. I'm okay with not writing.

In fact, I love it. I love not writing. I love not feeling like I have to write, like I'm failing at the one thing that justifies my existence as a human being, that justifies the space I've rented in this hirsute sack of organs and unauthored farts. Because I don't have to write it any more. Not if I don't want to, if I don't choose too. I have pretty much everything I've wanted and been working towards since undergraduate -- a home, a marriage, and work I enjoy and (key thing, here) am compensated for.


Katie said...

I authorize your farts, sir. Mostly because I think Adam might seek a divorce because of mine. It's not like I hid them or kept them quiet before we got married.

I'm sad you're not writing, but it's a selfish sad. You are the best storyteller I personally know, and if you're not the best I've ever read, you're probably in the top 10. But writing should be for you, and if you're happy not writing, good for you! Besides, I rather imagine that at some point you'll start writing again.

BTW, welcome home :)

KandJ said...

Thank gawd you have a blog. I had begun doing actual work and I realized that I hadn't yet discovered your blog. Thank you for saving me from actual work. I rather like sitting on my couch and blogstalking others.

forestdreams said...

Hi I'm a fan,

I've really enjoyed your online projects so far including: Gamers, Gamers II, and JourneyQuest season 1. I've re-watched them all several times, and I tell whoever I can about them.

That's why it's tough for me to say that I'm not enjoying JourneyQuest season 2. So, I looked it over and compared it to season 1 to figure out why. And I realized that you didn't direct on season 2. It's nice that it has a couple of famous faces and more support but... All the touching moments and comedic pacing that really bonded me to the characters and the story .. it's just not there.

I think you have the kind of writing that requires you to be the Director. It's a bit like Joss Whedon in that way. You might be able to get around that by using shot sheets and storyboards, but then you might as well direct as well.

I get that you are busy. I saw your name on the Director credit for Gamers III, so I have high hopes for that. I just hope you'll have time to come back for JourneyQuest season 3. Because I really enjoyed season 1.

By the way, these are my genuine, thought out, heartfelt comments, and I hope you will accept them as such.


forestdreams said...

By the way,

Any messages I've left on the JourneyQuest forums for YouTube have been blocked by the person operating those pages.

They only allow the sugar-coated feelings of fans to be shown. It's wrong to censor genuine dialogue and feelings.

That kind of poor behavior will come back to haunt them.