Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cookie Prophecy

Last night's fortune cookie: "Your ideas are clever, and you will be rewarded." Sweet.

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Katie said...

I once got one that said "You like Chinese food." Granted, that was less of a fortune and more of a statement, but still. Methinks PLU bought really cheap fortune cookies.

I like yours better. It's nice to know when food knows the truth, and chooses to flatter you with it :) The Chinese takeaway down the road doesn't give out fortune cookies. Which is ironic, given that their name is Fortune Cookie. They're also overpriced, the food isn't all that great, and they don't even have good tupperware containers that we can reuse.

Right, all that was probably far more than you wanted to know or cared about. I'm procrastinating, if you couldn't tell.