Friday, May 22, 2009

Fred, PoD: Minnie and Uriel

A twofer today. Minnie is the career succubus longing for a life outside of seduction. She and Fred hit it off immediately, and puppy love ensues. Nothing more than that ever can, though, because the moment they get carnal, Fred loses his soul. The downside of dating a succubus. Uriel is Heaven's clueless ambassador to Hell. He's utterly convinced that Fred is some sort of trick and that Satan's still in charge. Thus he tirelessly pursues Satan from pointless job to pointless job, striving to uncover a conspiracy that doesn't exist.

I really dig this art. Really gets to the core of the characters. Minnie's gorgeous and alluring without being slutty. "Intimidating beauty" is how I'd put it. And I love how there's nothing behind the eyes of that lantern-jawed angel. Looking at Uriel, I'm reminded of Dark Helmet's words to Lone Star in the climactic duel of Spaceballs: "Evil will always triumph, because Good is dumb."

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Camille said...

Uriel looks like Shatzi.