Monday, July 6, 2009

Shorts for TV?

Had my first non-pitch network meeting last week. Cindi and I met with a friend of hers, an exec at G4, to discuss producing some short comedy to air as part of one of their shows. If you don't know, G4 is the video gamer geek channel, and wants comedy in its programming, so it seems like a natural fit. So over the past couple weeks, I'd been writing quite a few geek comedy shorts and sketches, standalones and serials, to throw their way. Cindi sent the material to the exec and we got a meeting that week.

The meeting went well, though I couldn't tell at first. Cindi actually called me afterward to confirm that it was "not a bad meeting," because I apparently looked like someone had drowned my cat. No, the meeting wasn't a homerun -- initial meets usually ain't -- but the exec liked some of our ideas and despite development budget problems still wanted to make something. She promised to read the 21 shorts and sketches (had to go with a lucky number) over the holiday weekend -- which I wouldn't hold anyone to, not with family barbecues and random explosions all night long. With luck, me might soon be shooting something that will air on network TV. Which, I don't have to tell you, would land firmly in the "Nifty" column.
So here's hoping.

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