Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Comic Con and Derrick Comedy

So Camille and I just found out we will be attending Comic Con this weekend. We're thrilled -- this is the only con we'll be attending this year. For a while there, it looked like we wouldn't be seeing any of our con buddies until 2010.

We'll be working Friday and Saturday at the Derrick Comedy booth. Derrick Comedy is a comedy/improv troupe whose videos have been viewed over 100 million times.

These guys = funny

In my opinion, they're the best comedy troupe on the web, and they're starting to reap the rewards of their talent. One of the members, Donald Glover, just won an Emmy writing for 30 Rock. They are definitely worth checking out, but be warned -- much of their material is definitely not safe for work. My fave is Girls Are Not To Be Trusted.

Camille's work, Roadside Attractions, is releasing Derrick Comedy's first feature, Mystery Team (link goes to trailer). We got a sneak peek at Roadside last week, and it's pretty damn entertaining, hilarious throughout and with an actual engaging mystery. I believe there's a Comic Con screening, but I don't have the dates. The film will be released in theaters this fall. We'll be pimping Mystery Team at the Derrick Comedy booth with the troupe members themselves. It's booth #4016 in the Exhibitors Hall.

So stop on by. From what I hear, the team's going to man the booth themselves, and we're there mostly as fillers for when they need a break. So we'll have a lot of free time, but constantly be on call.

Additional: My cell phone's still kaput, so your best bet to reach me away from the booth is on Camille's.

Update: Katy informs me that the screening of Mystery Team will be Thursday from 6 to 8pm at the Gaslight. Also, Derrick Comedy will be doing a panel on Sunday around noon, at which they will premiere a new sketch filmed exclusively for Comic Con.


Katy said...

The screening of Mystery Team is on Thursday night 6-8pm. I believe it is at the Gaslight (?)

Derrick comedy also has a panel on Sunday around noonish (?) that they will be premiering a new short at, which they made specifically for ComicCon.

Vancil said...

Great, thanks! I'll update the post as soon as I can, ideally before the actual event ...

Katie said...

So if you're at Comic Con, will you do me a favour and run over to another booth and get a code for me? Yes, I am a whore (in that sense only!).

Wish I could go. I'm going to email you in a few minutes to ask more about this and see if you're free to meet up in the Tacoma area next week--I'll be there then, too.

Vancil said...

Of course! Which booth?

Katie said...

Sent you an email, but the booth is Asymmetric Publications. Or Kingdom of Loathing (their cash-cow game). I don't know which name they're under, quite honestly. If they need a username, (one of) mine is KTHippo.

Seriously wicked funny game, really addicting. You should play. You all should play, really.

Have fun and thanks so much!!!